Things You Need To Know About Skunk Smell Removal

No one likes to get sprayed by a skunk. That is why skunk smell removal tips are very welcome to get rid of the odor on dogs, cars, clothes and the house. This odor lasts long and it is very difficult to let it disappear.

The skunk odor was designed for protecting this animal from his large predators and consists of sulfurous chemical oils. The good news is that this odor will not last forever. There are some ways to eliminate it fast.

When it comes to removing skunk spray from skin and fur, some people believe that it can be eliminated by using citrus, tomato juice, antibacterial sprays or perfume. However, these are not very effective solutions. To remove odor from people or pets a mixture of liquid dish detergent, banking soda and hydrogen peroxide is used. These ingredients are mixed in the following way: a quarter cup of baking soda, one quart of hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of dish detergent.

This amount can be used to clean a small dog or a child. In order to wash a larger animal or an adult, one can make more batches of the liquid. A rag or sponge must be dipped in this mixture and then the individual must be wiped with it. It is recommended to let it soak into the skin or fur for a few minutes. After that the skin can be rinsed well with water.

The mixture needs to be used with caution, because it can bleach clothing and hair. This mixture produces gases and can not be stored in containers. The liquid can not be used by people with an open wound or sensitive skin. Another alternative is to take several baths a day with soap and water until the odor goes away. Some people also choose to wipe the skin with a baking soda and liquid dish soap solution. After that they rinse the skin. Vinegar may also be used to neutralize odors, but it can cause damage to a sensitive skin.

To remove the skunk odor on clothing one can use household bleach. For clothes on which bleach can not be used, vinegar or ammonia must be used. The mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish liquid is used for removing the odor from upholstery. One must wet the surface after dipping a clean cloth in the solution and scrub it in a gentle manner.

In some cases the odor soaks into the wall. In that case bleach or hydrogen peroxide can be used. A small area must be tested first, so the paint on the walls will not be ruined. Another alternative is to open all the windows and doors to get rid of the odor. This is going to take much longer, but there will be no damage to the wall or the furniture.

Skunk smell removal in an outdoor area is a little more challenging. In that case a garden hose can be used with diluted vinegar and dishwater detergent. The whole area must be sprayed with this liquid.


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